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In addition to providing custom metal building systems, Tyler Building Systems offers two services that can make your construction project even easier.

Building Erection Service
Tyler Building Systems offers building erection service for our buildings located in the north east Texas area. Many of our customers find it advantageous to purchase both their metal building and building erection from us. Why? One of the biggest advantages is simplicity. One less subcontractor to deal with means fewer potential problems.

A second advantage of purchasing your building erection from Tyler Building Systems is our focus on job site safety. Building erection involves large steel components, heavy equipment and working at heights. An accident at your job site is a problem for everyone involved – including the owner. Our building erection practices meet, and often surpass, OSHA safety requirements for steel erection. We maintain a full-time manager that oversees the field operations of all buildings we erect.

Another advantage in purchasing your building erection from Tyler Building Systems is familiarity. No one is more familiar with our buildings than us. Most building erection contractors assemble buildings from a multitude of manufacturers. No two building manufacturers have the same detailing and fabrication methods. Clips are different. Trim is different. All of those differences mean that a building erector is forced to familiarize himself with the components and construction methods from project-to-project. This is not the case when you purchase from Tyler Building Systems. We know our product and are the most efficient at assembling our buildings quickly, safely and correctly. That means that your building is erected faster and you able to use your building sooner.

Design-Build Service
Our design-build service is a unique service we offer to customers building in the Tyler area. Customers are able to purchase their architectural design, engineering design (i.e., civil, electrical, mechanical and etc.), construction services (i.e., site work, concrete, plumbing, electrical and etc.) and their metal building system together in one package. Our design-build service is a proven system for providing customers a first-class construction project.

Tyler Building Systems’ design-build service is also often less expensive than traditional forms of construction contracting. Typically, a building contractor will mark-up the price of the metal building system when reselling it to the end user. Since the price of the metal building system is usually a large percentage of the overall project, the mark-up on the metal building can be a considerable amount of money. By purchasing their metal building from Tyler Building Systems, our customer saves money by avoiding that mark-up.

We’re still working on the website for our Construction Division. Contact us if you would like more information about our Design-Build services.