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What You Need to Know When Buying a Metal Building System

Every year more and more individuals, churches and businesses choose to use a metal building system in their construction project. Whether it’s a new office and plant, a worship facility, a horse arena or a personal shop building, a metal building system can meet most everyone’s needs.

The advantages of using a metal building system are numerous, but the reasons I hear most often from customers are that a metal building is easier to purchase than other traditional forms of building construction, that construction time is shorter, and a metal building is an ideal combination of durability and esthetics.

The purpose of this series of articles is to provide the potential buyer with the information he needs to confidently purchase a metal building system. Of course, it is impossible, in a series of blog-length articles, to explain everything one might possibly need to know about metal building systems. However, these articles will give you an educational jumpstart that will enable you to 1) establish some basic requirements about your metal building, 2) ask pertinent questions of your prospective supplier and 3) thoroughly review your metal building estimate from your prospective supplier.

  • Choosing Your Metal Building Supplier – The first article will focus on deciding the source of your metal building. There are a lot of companies that sell metal buildings. Which one should you call? This article describes three basic types of suppliers – manufacturers, contractors and brokers. Questions are provided that will enable you to screen prospective suppliers and ultimately select the one that will best meet the needs of your project.
  • Building Information –You will need to determine some basic information before you attempt to obtain a price on a metal building. For example, a metal building supplier cannot begin the pricing process without at least knowing the width, length and height building you want. But that’s just the beginning. Do you want a building with a specific eave height or do you really need a particular clear height? What are the options regarding metal building frame shapes? The second article in the series will answer questions like these.
  • Design Information – Discussing the design parameters of metal building can sometimes cause a person’s eyes to glaze over. Though topics like collateral loads and deflection limits are confusing to some people, it is important to have a basic understanding of design specifications when ordering your metal building. This article will address the basics of setting design requirements for your metal building.
  • Wind Bracing – The fourth article in the series addresses wind bracing. Wind bracing is an integral part of a metal building system. What types of wind bracing methods are available? Is one particular method of wind bracing superior to another? How can wind bracing affect your concrete foundation design? All of these topics and more are covered in this article.
  • Roof, Walls & Trim – Article five in the series is about the most visible part of a metal building – your roof and wall panels. The article discusses the different panel profiles and paint finishes commonly available on the market. Also covered are the different trim styles typically available, panel fastener types and panel warranties.
  • Accessories – The sixth article reviews the many different types of accessories commonly available with metal buildings. The article specifically deals with framed openings, insulation methods, light transmitting panels, doors, vents, fans and roof extensions.
  • Drawings – What are the various types of drawings available with a metal building system? Which ones do you need? What is the difference between Permit Drawings and Approval Drawings? The seventh article in the series answers these questions.
  • Reviewing & Comparing Estimates – The final article in the series provides an in-depth explanation on how to review a metal building estimate. How to ensure the building supplier has met all of your requirements. Has the supplier provided you enough information in the estimate to verify that he is meeting all of your specifications? The article also describes how to effectively compare estimates from different suppliers.

The first article will publish next week. Successive articles will follow weekly thereafter and for additional information about our work, contact us at 903-561-3000.

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One Response to “What You Need to Know When Buying a Metal Building System”

  1. Rhino  Says:

    This was very informative, especially for someone like me who has never purchased a metallic structure such as one of these. There is a lot to consider when buying one, it’s not a simple task! Great post!