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Metal Buildings— Prefabricated in East Texas

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If impersonal service, project delays, & unnecessary expenses aren’t your thing, then you’re in the right place. Talk with us to learn how you can get your custom metal building delivered to your site on time & within budget.

Metal Buildings Made In USA

American-Made Steel Buildings

Don’t get lost in the shuffle. When you choose Tyler Building Systems, you’re choosing a family-owned small business. And how does the experience with us differ from the big, publicly-traded companies? It’s the difference between being a number & being a human.

Plus, many of the big corporate players in our industry fabricate their buildings in foreign countries. Not us. When you buy from Tyler Building Systems, you’re buying a metal building that’s 100% fabricated right here in heart of East Texas. And from here, it gets shipped to you—wherever in the United States you are.

Metal Building Manufacturer

Skip The Middleman Markup & Buy Your Steel Building Directly From The Manufacturer.

Nobody likes unnecessary markup—except the metal building brokers who sell the buildings that other companies manufacture—at marked-up prices. Unfortunately, that’s the business model most of our “competitors” have adopted.

But when you buy from us, you’re buying your building directly from the manufacturer. That means no unnecessary middleman and no unnecessary markup. Just a high-quality, long lifecycle metal building at a price the “other guys” can’t touch.

Own A prefab Steel Building You’ll Love

Why People Love Our Metal Buildings

They're Customizable

Design opportunities for prefab metal building systems are virtually limitless. From traditional to contemporary, architects and owners are discovering that steel buildings are an attractive, popular, and energy-efficient solution that doesn’t have to break the bank.

They're Environmentally Friendly

Metal buildings are made from recycled steel and produce a low carbon footprint. Cool metal roof coatings repel heat, reduce the urban heat island effect, and increase solar reflectivity. And waste steel accumulated during fabrication is recycled.

They're Affordable

Single-source purchase of building elements gives the owner control over every aspect of building cost, design, and construction. In addition, single-source purchase also provides faster, more consistent construction with lower life-cycle costs than traditional construction.

They're Fast to Assemble

Construction of a steel building is at least 30% faster than conventional construction. Our metal buildings are prefabricated in our plant for bolted construction in the field. This makes for fast assembly and gets your project “in the dry” much more quickly than other forms of construction.

They're Low Maintenance

The exterior of our metal buildings are essentially maintenance-free and long-lasting thanks to superior, life-extending wall and roof coatings that retain color and resist dirt. Metal walls and sloped metal roofing are self-cleaning. Plus, steel does not support mold growth and it resists rust and decay better than other building materials.

They're Flexible & Adaptable

Meeting your size and dimension requirements is not a high-priced add-on. Our prefab metal buildings provide maximum flexibility to create a variety of floor plan configurations: L’s, U’s, squares, rectangles, and more. Column-free interior space allows complete freedom in the design of showrooms, offices, retail space, and more.

Metal Building Manufacturer
Metal Buildings
Prefab Metal Buildings
Church Metal Building

Business Metal Buildings

Business Metal Buildings

For years, building owners, designers, architects, and general contractors have increasingly chosen metal in commercial construction projects. Why? Because metal buildings are energy efficient, low maintenance, and durable. And not only that—metal is also versatile both in application and appearance. For example, steel can make your warehouse the no-frills facility you need to get stuff done and your medical center the modern work of art that sets your patients at ease.

Commercial Metal Buildings


Strip Mall Metal Buildings

Strip Malls

Medical Metal Buildings


Brewery Metal Buildings


Car Wash Metal Buildings

Car Washes

Fitness Center Metal Building

Fitness Centers

Mechanic Shop Metal Buildings

Mechanic Shops

Airplane Hangar Metal Buildings

Airplane Hangars

Farm & Ranch / Agricultural Metal Buildings

Farm & Ranch Agricultural Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings are the perfect choice for agricultural use. Why? Because building maintenance problems keep farmers and ranchers from the kind of work that pays the bills. For them, the best building is the one they don’t have to think about. So, farmers and ranchers love metal buildings because they’re affordable, they last, they’re a breeze to maintain, and they free them to get stuff done—for decades. And the high life-cycle materials we use are built to withstand even the most brutal weather conditions.

Barndominium Metal Buildings


Metal Horse Stables

Horse Stables

Barn Metal Buildings


Metal Riding Arenas

Riding Arenas

Riding Arena Metal Buildings

Hay Barns

Storage Shed Metal Building

Storage Sheds

Church & Organizational Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Organizations

Are metal buildings a good choice for churches, schools and sports events? Yes! Pre-engineered steel buildings are a perfect solution for many congregations & crowds or various sorts.  They can be designed to improve energy efficiency, accommodate expansion needs, and facilitate high sound quality—all while saving you time and money. Exterior treatments like brick and stucco can give your facility a truly stunning curb appeal. And as for interior treatments, the options are endless.

Metal Church Buildings


Metal School Buildings


Metal Gymnasiums


Metal Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

Christian Camp Metal Building Fabricators

Camp Facilities

Pre-Fabricated Metal Buildings
Pre-Engineered Metal Building
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Metal Building Manufacturing Company in Texas

Metal Building FAQs

Stuff People Want To Know

Why choose a metal building?

Metal is often more affordable than other construction materials and less vulnerable to bad weather. Plus, steel is probably the most recycled construction material in the construction industry.

Do you manufacture your steel buildings?

Yes. We are a manufacturer. We manufacture our metal building frames at our plant in Tyler, Texas. Though many metal building sellers do not manufacturer any of the metal building, we believe maintaining control of the fabrication process allows us to ensure the highest level of customer service and product quality.

Do you design custom metal buildings?

There is no such thing as a standard building. So, we engineer and detail your prefab steel building to meet your specifications. Length, width, height, etc. – it’s all based on your needs.

Can you erect my metal building, too?

Though our primary business is manufacturing metal buildings, we do provide building erection services in the Northeast Texas area. If your building site is located outside Northeast Texas, we can assist you in finding a building erector.

Do you provide Design-Build services?

We do have a Design-Build Division that specializes in design-build work utilizing metal buildings. These services are limited to the Northeast Texas area. Please contact us to discuss your construction needs.

Do you have any type of quality certification?

Absolutely. We are AC472 accredited by the International Accreditation Service. The AC472 Accreditation Program is the most comprehensive quality assurance accreditation program of its kind. The program audits the integrity of the design engineering and manufacturing processes.


Always great to work with from the sales process to the service after. The quality of workmanship is better than anyone else that I have done business with.

Don Lovelady, H&L Key Sports