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Double-Lok® is a mechanically field-seamed, trapezoidal leg standing seam roof system. When used in a Retrofit application, Double-Lok provides exceptional durability and energy efficiency to keep your facility safe and your utility bills low.

About the Double-Lok® Metal Roof System

Where Exceptional Durability & Energy Efficiency Intersect


Double-Lok® is perfect for those looking to upgrade to a standing seam roof system. And installation is a breeze. Double-Lok® panels install over your existing R panel roof without the need for sub-framing. In the end, you get a high performance, ultra-durable roof while preserving the diaphragm and purlin stability provided by the existing R panel roof. And to increase energy efficiency, you can either (1) add two-inch unfaced fiberglass insulation between the existing R panel and the new Double-Lok® panel or (2) vent the cavity between the old and new roofs by adding a vent strip at the eave to allow air intake and a vented ridge to provide for air exhaust. The latter method works well with roof slopes of 3:12 or greater.

Double-Lok Metal Roof System
Double-Lok 18 x 3 Panel
Double-Lok 24 x 3 Panel

Double-Lok® Features

Product Specifications

Coverage Width

18″ & 24″ widths

Minimum Slope



22 and 24

Panel Attachment

Concealed Fastening System; Low, High and 2″ Stand Off Sliding Clips


Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)


Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic 

Your Metal Roof System Color Options

29 ENERGY STAR® Qualified Color Options To Give Your Roof The Look You Want & The Efficiency You Need

Coal Black

Burnished Slate

Rustic Red

Koko Brown

Charcoal Gray

Hawaiian Blue

Light Stone

Polar White

Solar White

Fern Green

Medium Bronze

Snow White

Slate Gray


Classic Green


Brite Red

Harbor Blue

Bone White

Colonial Red

Pacific Blue

Neutral Patina

Midnight Bronze




Hunter Green

Copper Metallic

Silver Metallic