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Technical Info

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Drawing Details

Commercial Metal Building

Construction Handbook

(3 MB PDF) – The Tyler Building Systems Construction Handbook shows the most common details associated with a standard metal building system. Questions about fastener spacing, wall light installation and much more are addressed in the Construction Handbook.
Commercial Metal Building

Architectural Details

Tyler Building Systems standard details for construction conditions that are not addressed in the Construction Handbook. The architectural details include examples of interface between the metal building and dry wall framing, masonry, E.I.F.S., concrete tilt-walls and etc.

Wall Sections—Metal Cladding with Girts:

Wall Sections—Metal Cladding with Girts & Studs:

Wall Sections—Brick:

Wall Sections—Partial Brick:

Wall Sections—E.I.F.S.:

Wall Sections—Hat Sections:

Wall Sections—Concrete Tilt-Wall:

Wall Sections—Fascia:


Commercial Metal Building

Metal Building Specifications

(124KB PDF) – The Metal Building Specifications describes a “standard” metal building system provided by Tyler Building Systems.
Commercial Metal Building

Material Specifications

(157KB PDF) – The Material Specifications describe the material and components used to fabricate a “standard” metal building system provided by Tyler Building Systems.

Other Documents

Commercial Metal Building

Credit Application

(19KB PDF) – Complete this form and return to Tyler Building Systems when applying for special payment terms.
Commercial Metal Building

Standard Practices

(240KB PDF) – The Standard Practices document outlines the responsibilities of the various parties involved in the purchase, design, fabrication, delivery and installation of metal building system from Tyler Building Systems.
Commercial Metal Building

Certificate of Accreditation

This is a copy of Tyler Building Systems’ current certificate of accreditation to the AC472 quality system. This document is sometimes required as proof that a metal building manufacturer is AC472 accredited.
Commercial Metal Building

Job Completion Checklist

(181KB PDF) – This is a helpful checklist to use to verify that all portions of our metal building system are completely and appropriately assembled.