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Retail Buildings

Get a free quote for an affordable retail building kit designed and engineered to your specs and built to last a lifetime.

Retail Buildings

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They're Customizable

Design opportunities for metal building systems are virtually limitless. From traditional to contemporary, architects and owners are discovering that metal building systems are an attractive, popular, and energy-efficient solution that doesn’t have to break the bank.

They're Environmentally Friendly

Metal buildings are made from recycled steel and produce a low carbon footprint. Cool metal roof coatings repel heat, reduce the urban heat island effect, and increase solar reflectivity. And waste steel accumulated during fabrication is recycled.

They're Affordable

Single-source purchase of building elements gives the owner control over every aspect of building cost, design, and construction. Single-source purchase also provides faster, more consistent, and more efficient construction with lower life-cycle costs than traditional construction.

They're Fast to Assemble

Construction of a metal building structure is at least 30% faster than conventional construction. Our metal buildings are fabricated in our plant for bolted construction in the field. This makes for fast assembly and results in getting your project “in the dry” quicker than other forms of construction.

They're Low Maintenance

The exterior of our metal buildings are essentially maintenance-free and long-lasting thanks to superior, life-extending wall and roof coatings that retain color and resist dirt. Metal walls and sloped metal roofing are self-cleaning. Plus, steel does not support mold growth and it resists rust and decay better than other building materials.

They're Flexible & Adaptable

Meeting your size and dimension requirements is not a high-priced add-on. Our buildings provide maximum flexibility to create a variety of floor plan configurations: L’s, U’s, squares, rectangles, and more. Column-free interior space allows complete freedom in the design of showrooms, offices, retail space, and more.

Metal Retail Building

The Purchase Process

Getting Your Retail Building

Metal Building Process

It all starts with a conversation

We’ll talk about your needs. That includes how you plan to use the building, what size it needs to be, whether you have plans, what sort of equipment you’ll use, how many overhead doors you’ll need, etc.

1-Page Metal Building Contract

If interested, you'll get a detailed contract

If you’d like to continue the conversation after receiving your 1-page quote, we’ll assemble a detailed quote that includes everything you need to know about your project. Then, you make the call.

Free Metal Building Quote

Then, you'll get a free 1-page quote

Once we understand the scope of your project, we’ll send you a free 1-page quote within 4 business days. It’s a ballpark estimate of the scope & cost of your project.

Metal Building Contract

Accept the contract to being your project

Just sign your contract to begin your project. You can expect clear, consistent communication from your dedicated project manager.

Getting Started Is Easy

Steel Retail Building
Pre Engineered Retail Metal Building
Retail Metal Building

Metal Warehouse FAQs

Things People Like to Know

How far do you guys ship retail building kits?

We will ship your building anywhere in the continental United States.

Can you customize a building to meet my needs?

Absolutely. In fact, all of our retail buildings are custom designed and fabricated to meet your specific needs.

Can I use you guys for some services, but not all?

Yes. We can design & engineer buildings that another company will fabricate and we can fabricate buildings that another company designed & engineered.

That said, because we only do metal, hiring us for all the above ensures that your retail building is designed in a way that can be safely fabricated. That means no unexpected (and unwanted) trips back to the drawing board.

Can you erect my retail building on my site?

Our Northeast Texas clients can opt into our erection service, which removes the middleman and provides clear accountability from design to erection. That’s less headache, more savings, and more peace of mind.

Not in Northeast Texas? No problem. Just let us know and we’ll connect you with a trusted metal building erector in your area.

Can I hire you for my site work, plumbing, electical, etc.?

For the ultimate in quality, savings, and convenience, our Northeast Texas clients can have us handle their construction needs, including site work, concrete, plumbing, electrical, etc. That’s everything but the finishing from a single source.

If you’re not in Northeast Texas, we’re happy to connect with you a trusted construction team.

Do you guys handle the finishing (e.g. flooring, cabinets, fixtures, etc.)?

No. That said, if you need someone to finish out your warehouse, we’re happy to make recommendations.

Just let us know!



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